Over the past 20 years, I have created hundreds of portraits for loved ones, families, organizations and institutions.

These collaborations have honored life’s greatest moments, and celebrated the legacies of the ones most treasured.

It would be my honor to collaborate with you. 

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When it comes to celebrating your loved ones, I understand your sense of urgency. Let me tell you a story about a young American artist and the beautiful German woman he fell in love with. This is my story.

I had just graduated from art school, and begun a career as an artist when we first met and fell helplessly in love. We were living on separate continents at the time, but I knew I wanted to marry this woman from the moment I saw her. Mirjam was leaving the U.S. in just thirteen days, returning to her home country of Germany for University. How could I reveal my love and commitment to her in a tangible way from across the ocean?

AJ_Mirjam_First Love.jpg

Filled with a sense of urgency, I painted a portrait of us in an embrace and sent it across the Atlantic to her. With this beautiful new painting to look upon, Mirjam would not easily forget about me. The portrait represented the connection we shared, and marked a significant moment in our lives...those first days when we fell in love.




We endured four long years on separate continents before she left her home and country to marry me. For that I am forever grateful. This treasured portrait still hangs in our home today as a hallmark of the time we fell in love.


We've been married for seventeen years now, and live in Connecticut with our two wonderful sons. Lucas already has his portrait on the wall, and Joshua is still waiting...the story continues!

Hazel, pastel 17x14"

Hazel, pastel 17x14"


I have deep gratitude for Alain Picard who masterfully captured the innocence of youth in his pastel portraits of my children. With his unsurpassed talent and passion for art, Alain delivers stunning beauty and portraits that truly embody the essence of a child's personality.

-Beth Hantman

Dr. O'Connell, pastel 24x18"

Dr. O'Connell, pastel 24x18"


Our firm has worked with Alain on two commissions. A pastel landscape and a pastel portrait commission. On both occasions, Alain was professional, kind and generous in his time and in his attention to our client’s needs and requests. He was open to suggestions and revisions requested by the client and his willingness to listen and understand the client’s requests was greatly appreciated.

Alain’s thoughtfulness and warm personality made both commission experiences a pleasure. Ourselves and our clients were more than pleased with the results.

We look forward to working with Alain again.

- Michelle Clark & Cynthia Ramirez, For Arts Sake, LLC

Cynthia, pastel 24x18"

Cynthia, pastel 24x18"


We are deeply grateful for the portraits you have done of our daughters Renee, Cynthia, and Marnie. Your ability to bring out their very differing inner personalities promises to bring great pleasure to our family for generations to come. In a way, you have filled our “empty nest.

-Henry & Josette Williams


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