Life's greatest treasures are the ones we love.

The moments that we share together with our loved ones are truly priceless. Yet these moments pass and memories fade. Children grow older, and the legacy of our loved ones threatens to be forgotten with each passing day.

How will you capture the moment, and preserve your legacy for generations to come?

Watch this short video below to find out more.


Hi, I’m Alain Picard, and I believe that your story is too important to be left untold. As a portrait artist, I can help.

Nothing captures the essence of your loved one quite as beautifully as a fine art portrait. 

Over the past 20 years, I’ve created hundreds of portraits for people just like you. These creative collaborations have honored life’s greatest moments, and celebrated the legacies of the ones most treasured.

Every portrait I paint is:

  • A one of a kind, original work of art

  • Skillfully crafted with exceptional quality and attention to detail

  • Custom designed to capture the essence of your loved one

  • The result of a collaborative journey that invites your feedback throughout the process

  • A beautiful work of art that will adorn your home and honor your legacy

  • A joyful reminder of your treasured loved ones for you to enjoy again and again

I’ve developed a simple four-step process that will realize your vision and bring your portrait to life.

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We are deeply grateful for the portraits you have done of our daughters Renee, Cynthia, and Marnie. Your ability to bring out their very differing inner personalities promises to bring great pleasure to our family for generations to come. In a way, you have filled our “empty nest.”
— Henry & Josette Williams