Commissioning a portrait is an exciting collaboration. I’ve developed a simple four-step process that will realize your vision and bring your portrait to life.


The First Appointment

You will help me understand your wishes for this custom original as we develop a creative roadmap for our collaboration together. 

We'll discuss where the portrait will hang, along with the size, composition, clothing, pose, style, medium and more. 


The Sitting & Photo Session

Let's capture the moment together in the environment of your choice, with lighting and conditions that reveal your subject’s most authentic self.

If a sitting or photo session is not possible, I will work from approved photographs that you provide. 


The Studio Collaboration

Once we’ve selected and approved the pose together, I will head into the studio to bring your portrait to life.

As the painting develops, I’ll invite your feedback as we refine the portrait together. I welcome this input from you, believing that it makes for a better final portrait. 


Final Review & Unveiling

Whenever possible, a final sitting and review at your home or my studio allows me to check eye and skin color accuracy in person. 

Once completed, your new portrait can be either shipped, hand delivered or picked up at the studio. 

Watch this 30 second video to learn about Jenny's experience.


Prices cover the complete portrait process, including the sitting and photo session, studio collaboration with feedback stage, final sitting and review. One round of revisions is included in the price. The portrait will be delivered unframed.


size               starting at

16 x 20"         $3000

18 x 24"         $4000

24 x 30"         $5000

24 x 36"         $6000

30 x 40"         $7500

OIL on Linen

size               starting at

16 x 20"         $4500

18 x 24"         $5500

24 x 30"         $7500

24 x 36"         $8000

30 x 40"         $10,000



For additional head within the portrait, add 50%. For fully rendered background, add 25%.

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